AP State Subsidies


Central Subsidies

All Industrial Subsidies in India are provided either by State Government or Central Government. There are so many types of subsies are available in both the government related subsidies.

State Government Subsidies in Andhra Pradesh: 
   Andhra Pradesh Government has been giving few subsidies & incentives for all industries in India. Namely

  1. Investment Subsidy,
  2. Interest Subsidy,
  3. Stamp Duty Subsidy,
  4. Power Reimbursement Subsidy,
  5. SGST Subsidy,
  6. Subsidy for Land Conversion Cost,
  7. Subsidies on Quality Certification/Patent Registration,
  8. Seed Capital Assistance etc..,

similarly, Central Government is also providing subsidies & incentives for all industries in India. Namely,

  1. Credit Linked Capital Subsidy Scheme(CLCSS) for Technology Up-Gradation,
  2. Special Credit Linked Capital Subsidy Scheme(SCLCSS) for Technology Up-Gradation,
  3. Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Programme (PMEGP),
  4. Rural Godown/Warehouse subsidy,
  5. Agriculture Marketing Infrastructure Scheme,
  6. Poultry Subsidy,
  7. Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme (DEDS),
  8. Capital Investment Subsidy Scheme for Commercial Production of organic/biological Inputs,
  9. Cold Storage Subsidy,
  11. Greenhouse Subsidy,
  12. Ripening Chambers Subsidy,
  13. Venture Capital Assistance,
  14. Farmer’s Producer Organisation,
  15. Equity Grant Fund Scheme.

You can find all Central Government Subsidies for Andhra Pradesh located Units Here.