MSME Udyam Registration

Meaning: The Enterprises which are engaged in the manufacture or production, processing or preservation of goods or the enterprises which are engaged in providing or rendering of services, up to a specified limit, are known as Micro or Small or Medium Enterprises.

Eligibility: Only those enterprises are considered eligible for Udyam Registration which are either in manufacturing or production or processing or preservation of Goods OR in the providing or rendering of services. In other words, the enterprises which are engaging only in trading i.e. buying, selling importing, exporting of Goods are not even eligible for applying for Udyam Registration.

Progress: Earlier we used to have SSI Part-I and Part-II registrations which are changed to Udyog Aadhaar and now to Udyam Registration with a new definition of Enterprises eligible for Registration.


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The new definition of enterprises under Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises are as follows

Type of Enterprises Micro Enterprise Small Enterprise Medium Enterprise
Manufacturing OR Services Sector, Both Investment upto ₹ 1 Cr AND Turnover upto ₹ 5 Cr Investment upto ₹ 10 Cr AND Turnover upto ₹ 50 Cr

Investment upto ₹ 50 Cr AND Turnover upto ₹ 250 Cr

Existing SSI/Udyog Aadhaar Registrations: All those people who are registered under Either SSI or Udyog aadhaar has to upgrade to Udyam before 31st March, 2021. after which these registrations are no longer valid.

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